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Consulting Plan Options

SSC ProgramEnrollment: $2,000Monthly: $1,000

The Solopreneur Startup Consult program is for those starting their first business that want to hit the ground running or get unstuck from where they are in the startup process. You get an initial two hour consult session and one half hour scheduled consult call every month. Additional consult sessions available if needed.

Strategy ProgramEnrollment: $8,000

The Strategy program is for those professionals that are looking to achieve a specific hight level goal within the next year. You will be immersed in a four hour intensive consult session where we will develop a step by step strategic action plan for you to achieve your goal within the next twelve months.

Retainer ProgramEnrollment: $10,000Monthly: $2,500

The Retainer program is a good option for professionals who want priority access with a flexible business hours schedule. It includes an initial two hour consult strategy session. You also get up to 5 scheduled consult calls of up to one hour in length each month.

HYC ProgramEnrollment: $30,000

The Half Year Consult program is for professionals who want to dramatically accelerate their progress. Starting with an initial four hour consult session at our office or virtually where we will build a strategy based on your goals. Twice a month thereafter for six months we will have a scheduled one hour milestone check in & accountability consult call.

EAC ProgramEnrollment: $50,000Per Call: $2,000

The Elite Anytime Consult program is for those professionals that want top level anytime access. You receive access to a private phone number that is answered around the clock to get you the immediate help you need.

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